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About ADS Racing Shocks

Most people look for the easy road, the path of least resistance. Our customers are the ones who look for the road less travelled, the hard line, the hardcore route that sane people avoid. Our customers are not like most people, they are the ones who not only take on that challenge... they look for it! At ADS our passion is off-roading. When ADS started doing business in 1992 the idea was to create a company that delivered components that met or exceeded the unique needs of off road drivers. To this day, everything we do is rooted from our passion for off road racing. Most of the people at ADS would rather spend a weekend in the desert than on a beach somewhere. ADS is a company of off-road racers for off-road racers. ADS manufactures a variety of parts for off-road vehicles, but our premier product is our racing shock absorber. You can find ADS racing shocks on just about every type of off-road vehicle. From prerunners, sand cars, and full blown baja racers to the dual prupose daily driver, ADS shocks are designed to deliver uncompromising performance regardless of the vehicle or application. The thousands of hours that we spend testing and optimizing our shocks can be seen and felt in every shock absorber that we build. If you live for off-roading, or only want the best products for your off-road vehicle, you are like us. We want to put the best parts we can get on our vehicles and we know you do too. At ADS, we come to work every day because our satisfaction comes from yours. Hearing the satisfaction in your voice, or seeing it on your face, is what drives us. Producing top quality racing shock absorbers is what we do, and providing unparalleled satisfaction to off-road enthusiast is why we do it. Take control of your off-road vehicle with ADS shocks!