The Sparco Story

Sparco Prime SP-16 Suit

About Sparco

Since 1977 Sparco S.p.A. develops and produces equipment for the racing environment and counts, to this day, more than 300 partner teams in various world motorsport competitions (F1, Indy, WRC, Nascar, Dakar and many others) and worldwide clients adopting its products. The Sparco Group, since 2000, diversified its activities to strongly enter the carbon fiber automotive components’ industry for the most important super sports car and luxury car’ manufacturers, while in the last years has expanded its business to the gaming-simulation racing industry and to the safety clothing industry (safety footwear and workwear). The group headquarter is in Volpiano (TO), Italy, and has more than 1000 employees that operate in eight production plants (four in Italy, three in Tunisia and one in the USA). The commercial presence is global.