Why Choose Tinned Copper Wire?

It won't turn green. You can use it in any off-road or outdoor vehicle and the wire will not corrode, oxidize and turn green. For under the hood wiring, this is ideal! You also won't be making any compromises by using tinned copper inside a vehicle for wiring amps and speakers. It lasts much longer than bare copper and is just as conductive. The thin layer of tin helps the wire resist corrosion, which can make it last up to 10 times longer than its non-tinned counterpart. It's easy to solder. The fact that solder is mainly tin (which makes tinned wire much easier to solder) is a great explanation of why T-Spec's v10 Series wire is superior. If it wasn’t the best form of electrical connection we wouldn’t use it when connecting two wires or building circuit boards.

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About T-Spec

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